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Debra T

This is not so much a review but a great big Thank you to Ramon, a truly genuine nice guy behind the business- Theme Park Concierges. I met Ramon only once, a little over a year ago when we decided to use his service for the day in Magic Kingdom. He came highly recommended & his services did not disappoint! Which brings me to why I am writing another review today. When my family & I were at Disney , the time we met Ramon, we purchased our daughter(4 months old at the time) a little stuffed Mickey, It is actually a key chain that we cut off the hook. It was just the right size for her little hands. Well we had no idea that this little guy would end up becoming her most favorite possession. It is her "security blanket" She needs him to sleep, car rides, & any other time she just needs to feel secure. She calls him "nose" because she rubs her nose on his nose. She just loves her MIckey. And well so do I because when she is having tantrum I can offer"nose" & she calms down. (and parents you know how priceless that can be) Well I lost Mickey a few weeks ago. I was distraught. Not because I lost a stuffed animal but because when my daughter goes to ask me for her "nose" & I say I don't have him she isn't going to understand. She is only 19 months & knows when she asks mommy for her favorite thing I hand him over & all of a sudden I can't?! I looked everywhere. Then I tried amazon, ebay & a few other sites with no luck. I even bought a Mickey from the Disney store but their smallest one is still 4 inches bigger & she totally knew the difference. The only place to get this tiny MIckey is in Disney! So I took my last chance & reached out to Ramon, his response" Consider it done." Just. Like. That. I cannot express enough how happy & grateful I am to have met Ramon. And to say what a genuine person he is. He took time out of his schedule to fit me in to purchase me a new "nose' not only one but three!! And he did it with out asking me for anything in return. You don't get to meet to many people that would go out of there way to help someone they only met once. I am happy to call Ramon a friend. And I will be forever grateful.

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